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#fullpost{display:none;} A few items cut and pasted from the Two Coats Twitter Feed.
  1. RT @fecalface: We got some photos from Clare Rojas show at Kavi Gupta Chicago – http://tinyurl.com/olcdsm
  2. Painters scrutinize my Louise Fishman review here: http://bit.ly/635Ll
    And here: http://bit.ly/17ukNl
  3. RT @aczine: Dannielle Tegeder at Priska C. Juschka: http://bit.ly/CWbu0 about 1 hour ago
  4. I’ll be talking about “Status Update” on CT Public Radio’s “Where We Live'” tomorrow at 9:45am http://bit.ly/8zFac about 6 hours ago
  5. Two Coats is envious: RT @hragv: “Just bought a Kindle http://bit.ly/raeDI” about 6 hours ago
  6. RT @artnetdotcom: Video of Cosmo Joe at the Madison MoCA, rep of the burgeoning trend of “performance painting” http://bit.ly/11JpfX about 9 hours ago
  7. Loving Charlie Finch’s latest headline: http://bit.ly/11Cafz about 22 hours ago
  8. What I’m giving for graduation gifts this year: http://bit.ly/i2rqn 9:10 AM May 20th
  9. Chained myself to the desk writing about the Guggenheim’s Frank Lloyd Wright show for the next issue of The Brooklyn Rail. http://bit.ly/3KHlW 7:35 AM May 20th
  10. Since when are artists such Pollyannas? http://bit.ly/QMAJ66:34 PM May 19th
  11. RT @artnetdotcom: A blog devoted to Pre-Raphaelite art http://bit.ly/177jHi8:55 AM May 19th
  12. Pundyk on Holstad, Jones, Hoeber, Schutz, Tegeder and Simonson at MOMA’s Pecha Kucha night http://bit.ly/AOqQM6:46 PM May 18th
  13. Via MWCapacity (http://mwcapacity.wordpress…): Joseph Noderer’s paintings http://bit.ly/Tifry 6:37 PM May 18th
  14. B’MoreArt’s images of the May 14 MICA Artwalk http://bit.ly/GMIrs 6:24 PM May 18th
  15. Futuristic interiors of 60s furniture designer Verner Panton http://bit.ly/6AdxJ 6:15 PM May 18th
  16. Laurie Fendrich appalled by the sheer bombast of Anselm Kiefer’s studio in Barjac http://bit.ly/L5RCh6:08 PM May 18th
  17. Everybody loves Carrie Moyer http://bit.ly/MlgV76:03 PM May 18th
  18. Art Observed presents George Condo http://bit.ly/CUXdN 6:01 PM May 18th
  19. Regina Hackett’s images of abandoned places in art http://bit.ly/xXFi45:59 PM May 18th
  20. Two Coats review: Francis Bacon at the Met http://bit.ly/aL3lE3:52 PM May 18th

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  1. Hey, thanks for the link. Too bad I didn’t actually add anything in that link. In fact, in subsequent ones I barely danced around what interested me about your review. Still, thanks.

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