Another nude painting of politicians

The painting, by Italian artist Filippo Panseca, features a nude Mr Berlusconi leaning close to an equally unclad Mara Carfagna. Two years ago, the prime minister told the television starlet, and millions of Italians watching on television, that he would marry her like a shot if he wasn’t married already. The comment enraged his wife Veronica Lario, who demanded and obtained a public apology from her husband. However, last year Mr Berlusconi made Miss Carfagna Minister of Equal Opportunities in his new government.

Now the couple have been united on a wall in a gallery near Savona in Liguria, the Independent reports. In the painting, Mr Berlusconi is depicted with a pair of giant wings extending around Miss Carfagna. The pair are posed as if the prime minister might be about to whisper something into his proteg�e’s ear. Ms Carfagna’s gaze is directed down towards the premier’s (discreetly covered) genitals. In the same exhibition, Ms Lario stars stark naked in a canvas of her own. In the painting she has angelic wings, a pair of large breasts and a ghostly smile on her chalk white face. Speaking to his local paper, Mr Panseca said he wanted to “pay homage to the Prime Minister” through the pictures. He said he copied the likeness of Mr Berlusconi from an image on the internet, while he borrowed Ms Carfagna’s body from a 19th century artist. He added that if Mr Berlusconi bought the paintings he would donate the money to the earthquake victims of Abruzzo. Mr Berlusconi has yet to comment.(via Telegraph)

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