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Pierogi updates the online Flat File, opens another space in Brooklyn

While the rest of the art world seems to be contracting, Joe Amrhein of Pierogi is taking advantage of the more reasonable real estate prices and opening a second space. “Someone has to do something to make everyone feel better,” he told me a couple months ago. On Saturday, March 7, Amrhein’s new space, The Boiler, opens at at 191 N. 14th St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. While Pierogi will continue to house the Flat Files and feature one-person exhibitions, The Boiler will host larger-scale sculpture, painting, installation projects, performances, screenings, and readings. Other Pierogi news: The online Flat Files, completely overhauled for the first time in years, are now searchable by artist, media, and other tag types. Amrhein has vowed that the online Flat Files, which feature hundreds (thousands?) of inexpensive works on paper, will be updated regularly, and that new artists/artwork will be added. If you have a chance, check out some old work in my Flat File drawer.

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  1. so good to know!

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