Sarah Palin nude scores in Chicago

Brad Flora reports in the Windy Citizen that bar owner Bruce Elliott is drawing crowds to his joint after painting a four-foot tall nude portrait of Sarah Palin. Elliott, whose daughter posed for the painting, unveiled the portrait at the Old Town Ale House on Chicago’s North Side last Thursday. The governor is depicted wearing her trademark hairdo, holding an automatic rifle and standing on a polar-bear skin rug. “I don’t see how she could be offended by this,” Elliott said. “I made her into a sex figure.” According to Flora, Elliott is pulling for Barack Obama in the election, and he worked on the portrait for seven to eight hours a day for a week. While the painting qualifies as a quick grab for attention, it�s also very much the creation of someone immersed in the coverage of Palin, whom he calls �a real nasty piece of work.� He admits that he’s kind of attracted to her. Read more.

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