Takanori Oguiss: Another painting-in-a-dumpster story

�The colors weren�t attractive. The frame was ugly � this just wasn�t anything I could put on my wall and be proud of,� clueless Tammy Bullock said of “Coin De Paris, Rue de Meaux,” a Takanori Oguiss painting she found in a Colorado dumpster ten years ago. Oguiss, born in Japan in 1901, lived in Europe where he painted many Parisian and Venetian street scenes. �The painting fit in my closet � I even stored my children�s school papers behind it,� Bullock said. �I almost gave the painting away several times,� she recalled. After hearing a segment on the local TV station about a website that helps people value their belongings, she realized it may be worth something. Bullock expected around $65,000 when she put the painting up for auction at Sotheby’s earlier this month, but the final bid was over $100,000. Takanori Oguiss died in Paris in 1986. (via Farm and Dairy)

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