Boston flooded with Cuban water metaphors

In the Boston Globe, Cate McQuaid reports that “Surrounded by Water” is too small to cover such a broad theme successfully. “These works of art are often striking; they were made by a range of artists, from established to emerging. But it’s a smallish exhibit, with work by about 15 artists. Natania Remba makes a sturdy effort, but the giant topic of water as a metaphor in Cuban art could go much deeper. ‘Surrounded by Water’ just skims the surface.” Artists include Belkis Ay�n, Luis Cruz Azaceta, Jos� Bedia, Iv�n Capote, Yoan Capote, Los Carpinteros, Patricia Clark, Jos� Manuel Fors, Roc�o Garc�a, Carlos Garaicoa, Kcho (Alexis Leyva Machado), Meira Marrero, Manuel Mendive, Ibrahim Miranda, Manuel Pi�a, Ernesto Pujol, Sandra Ramos, Tom�s S�nchez, Jos� �ngel Toirac and Jos� �ngel Vincench. Read more.

Surrounded by Water: Expressions of Freedom and Isolation in Contemporary Cuban Art,” Curated by Natania Remba. Boston Unversity Art Gallery, Boston, MA. Through April 6.

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