Painting in Seattle: Darren Waterson, The Prom

Darren Waterson: Last Days,” Greg Kucera, Seattle, WA. Through February 9.
The Prom: A Semi-formal Survey of Semi,” curated by Alex Ohge. Lawrimore Project,, Seattle, WA. Through February 23. Artists include Tomory Dodge (LA), Ingrid Calame (LA), Eric Sall (NY), Gordon Terry (NY), Nicholas Nyland (Seattle), Yoon Lee (SF), Tiffany Calvert (NY), Robert Hardgrave (Seattle), Joseph Park (Seattle).

In the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Regina Hackett reports that painting dominates front-runner galleries in Seattle this month. “At Lawrimore Project, curator Scott Lawrimore has never been shy in expressing his reservations about the medium, until now. Helping him to see the colored light on canvas, panel and clear plastic is Alex Ohge, who curated ‘The Prom’ with an eye to the vagaries of current practice.” Greg Kucera, presents Darren Waterson’s paintings. “If there’s a more imitated painter in America than Darren Waterston, I can’t imagine who it would be. Waterston’s silky rot and colored goo are gorgeous. They imply a world in which the air has evolved to carry a weightless and more sophisticated kind of consciousness.” Read more.

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