Skuodas reverberates in Cleveland

Audra Skuodas: Reverberation,” 1point618 Gallery, Cleveland, OH. Through Dec. 21. See images of Skuodas’s earlier work at Moti Hasson Gallery.

Skuodas continues her delicate exploration of the tension and attraction that maintain the cosmic order. In the Cleveland Free Times Douglas Max Utter, waxing poetic about the six 5′ x 6′ paintings included in the show, reports that Skuordas presents bright hymns to the human spirit. “During the past 40 years, Oberlin-based artist Audra Skuodas has contemplated the nervous edge of self as it fits quivering into a vision of cosmic energy, tinted and tainted by history. Over the years her solitary, willowy human figures have seemed to depict Skuodas herself, or perhaps a spiritual twin, floating like the curling melody of a slow song across a staff of thin, wavering lines. Very often this visual music takes place on long, horizontal or vertical sheets of vellum, stretched out like arms reaching toward a distant time or place, upward to an elusive, universal tune. They’re about loss and longing, presence and origins, about loneliness, hunger, beauty, dreaming and what it means to unfurl emotions like damaged flags into the breeze between worlds. Her current show at 1point618 Gallery, Reverberation, evokes music, physics and the fragile dance of human personality in about equal proportions.” Read more.

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