Judith Geichman in Chicago

Judith Geichman: soak,” Alfedena Gallery, Chicago, IL. Through Nov. 10.

Kevin Nance reports in the Chicago Sun-Times: “There’s neither much sense of pattern here, as in Pollock, nor of stillness, as in Rothko, and yet Geichman often comes close to matching them in intensity. If these paintings are not about actual storms, they clearly reflect some stormy interior weather: tempests of the mind. In the end, many viewers may feel that both ways of looking at this work — as pure abstraction or as a semi-transparent set of references to the material world — are far from mutually exclusive. ‘Soak’ can be both a gorgeous exercise in the handling of paint and, if you’re so inclined, a stirring signifier of a delicate, brooding, magnificent planet, dangerous and endangered.” Read more. Check out images of Geichman’s recent paintings on artnet.

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