Paintings at at Lennon, Weinberg: “Taking Shape”

Frank Holliday reviews the show in the Gay City News: “Painting is not very suited to today’s pace. We live on quick fixes and instant consumerism. Painting takes a long time to harness before convention can be fearlessly thrown out and deeper, profoundly abandoned subjects can emerge.” Read more.

“Shape is a word that refers to many things: the identity of a specific form, something seen in outline, an assumed appearance, an organized form of expression, an orderly arrangement, condition or state of repair. The idiomatic phrase “take shape” means ‘to assume a distinctive form.’ Each artist in thisexhibition uses shape as a significant element in the conception and execution of their work. In their hands, shapes can be entirely abstract or descriptive of a concrete state. Or both.” Artists include: Polly Apfelbaum, Daniel Carello, Shirley Jaffe, Jenifer Kobylarz, Harriet Korman, Stephen Mueller, Beth Reisman, Beth Reisman, Andrew Spence, Stephen Westfall. Read more on ArtCal.“Taking Shape,” Lennon, Weinberg Gallery, New York, NY. Through Sept. 15. See images.

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