NYTimes Friday art reviews

Milton Avery watercolors and Sarah Peters drawings are reviewed in the NYTimes today.

Roberta Smith on Sarah Peters: �In her first solo show, Sarah Peters breathes life into an obsession with the art and history of colonial America. The breath comes from a fidgety crosshatch technique rendered in pencil and black ballpoint pen that gives her images both a gauzy drift and an almost fingernails-on-blackboard screechiness.� ‘Sarah Peters:Being American� Winkleman Gallery, 637 West 27th Street, through July 21.

Martha Schwendener on Milton Avery: �The watercolors here span more than 30 years and dip into genres from landscape, seascape and cityscape to portraiture, still life and abstraction. They also reveal Avery�s resistance to fully adopting or rejecting abstraction during its mid-20th-century heyday while at the same time trying, as he once said, to �eliminate and simplify, leaving apparently nothing but color and form��.All of this argues for the medium�s resurgence � although it is hard to imagine, in the age of digital cameras.� �MAGICAL MEANS: Milton Avery and Watercolor� Knoedler & Company, 19 East 70th Street, through Aug. 10. Read more.

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