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Dana Schutz Fest

Schutzs new paintings are at Zach Feuer through May 19.

Holland Cotter weighs in on Schutz’s show at Feuer in The New York Times. “The art industry requires that at least one young artist be shot into the stratosphere every few years. The painter Dana Schutz was the choice in 2002, when she was in her mid-20s and barely out of school. Shes been producing and selling like mad ever since. Last year she had a museum career retrospective. It covered four years.” Read more.

Jeremy Sigler says Dana’s making painting work. Every single stinking time. “While the paintings do challenge themselves mightily, they cant help but reveal how enamored they are with their own accomplishment. Cumulatively, the show comes across as excessively successful. Schutzs gift is a technique that each time out exerts buoyancy and relevance over otherwise inchoate, dysfunctional concerns about the world: her depressed and dissonant visions get to swim upstream to the beat of a self-congratulatory paintbrush.” Read more

Dana Schutz sat down with Mei Chin at the New York Academy of Art on a BombLive! evening to discuss her brand of merry macabre. This interview was co-sponsored by and recorded live by at the New York Academy of Art on November 2, 2005, as part of the BOMBLive! The Figure in Narrative series.

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