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Margot Bergman, Doris

Margot Bergman: The truer face

Contributed by Will Fenstermaker / The vultus, a Latin word that has no equivalent in Indo-European languages or ancient Greek, is the face that lies latent behind every image of a person. In an essay titled �An Idea of Glory,� Giorgio Agamben wrote that the vultus �isn’t something that transcends […]

Yoshiaki Mochizuki
Solo Shows

Yoshiaki Mochizuki’s shifting light

Contributed by Will Fenstermaker / When the light shifts, Yoshiaki Mochizukis paintings come alive. Surfaces that seem like dull mirrors shift into prismatic events as light is corralled in the gouged layers of gesso and moon gold leaf. Exhibited at Marlboroughs Chelsea location, the paintings are untitled, but the show […]