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Facing reality: The Seattle Art Fair

Contributed by Erin Langner / In the center of the 2018 Seattle Art Fair,  Chilean-born artist Alfredo Jaar�s white neon script, hovering in Galerie Lelong�s booth, reads �Teach Us to Outgrow Our Madness.� Jaar has appropriated these words, penned by poet W.H. Auden, many times before. But, as the fourth year of Seattle�s international […]


Seattle studio visits: Arnold, Molenkamp, Offenbacher

I’m wrapping up my Seattle posts today with work by Sharon Arnold, Ryan Molenkamp, Matthew Offenbacher, and a couple gallery visits. Referencing “women’s work,” which is traditionally undervalued and often ignored, Sharon Arnold‘s projects involve hours of tedious, repetitive labor such as cutting small shapes from hundreds of sheets of […]


Seattle studio visit: Robert Hardgrave and friends

Working intuitively and responding to the process as it unfolds, Robert Hardgrave tries to stay out of the way and let the paintings make themselves. After a kidney transplant in 2003, his work, which fuses mysticism, Inuit iconography, surrealism, and abstraction, began to reveal insights about life, death, and the […]


Seattle studio visit: Cable Griffith

Cable Griffith, the Gallery Director at Cornish College of the Arts, paints peculiar worlds, full of familiar elements such as trees, lakes, hills, and skies stacked in odd, architectural structures that recall Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s Tower of Babel. Rounded Guston-esque forms combined with hard-edge geometry, cryptographic linework, and precise […]


Seattle Report: Studio visit with Robert Yoder

Last week I flew out to Seattle where I saw “SQUEEZE HARD (Hold that Thought),” a two-person show I’m in at SEASON, Robert Yoder’s home-based gallery near UDub, and to participate in a discussion about arts writing at Cornish College of the Arts that was organized by Cable Griffith. I […]