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Email: Stop the sale, save the art at the Berkshire Museum

Peter Dudek, a sculptor who divides his time between Brooklyn and the Berkshires,�sent an urgent note this week�asking for Two Coats readers to help stop�the Berkshire Museum from selling artwork�from�its collection: Dear Sharon, As widely reported, the attempted auction of the Berkshire Museum�s most important works from their collection has […]

Peter Dudek
Artist's Notebook

Peter Dudek returns from the Berkshires

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Peter Dudek spent his summer up in the Berkshires where he and his brother oversee Bascom Lodge, an old-fashioned hikers’ inn on the top of Mount Greylock. For the past few years Dudek has been hosting a small residency program–readers may recall I spent time […]

Artist's Notebook

Peter Dudek on Presentational Sculpture*

Guest Contributor Peter Dudek / Lately a presentational mode of sculpture has been popping up all about. The hallmarks are a casual yet formal arrangement of sculptural elements. The constituent parts vary from the made-from-scratch, to the merely found, to the found but altered object. The presentations might include works […]