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Harold Pinter: On beginning and ending

Paco Pomet, “Storytelling,” 2008, oil on Linen, 110 x 130 cms. Larissa Bates, “Untitled (After Nicolas Poussin),” 2008, acryla gouache and ink on canvas, 8 by 10 inches. Here’s an excerpt from Harold Pinter‘s 2005 Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech that Monya Rowe includes in the press release for “Our Beginnings […]


NY TImes Art in Review: Larissa Bates

In the NY Times, Karen Rosenberg wonders why Larissa Bates, whose small ink-and-gouache paintings are guys-only versions of Darger�s impish, militant Vivian Girls, wasn’t included in the Henry Darger show at American Folk Art Museum. “In the ‘MotherMen’ series, centaurlike creatures give birth in the woods. The ‘Lederhosen Boys,’ young […]