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Artist's Notebook

A Journal of the Burren

Contributed by Frank Webster / In the month of October, I participated in the residency program at the Burren College of Art. During my stay, I hiked extensively documenting the region both photographically and in paintings. The Burren is an UNESCO Global Geopark located in County Clare in the west of Ireland. It is a geologically and environmentally unique area with a rich archeological, cultural, and historical legacy. Here are selections from my journal along with a few images from my travels.

Gallery shows

The new theatrical space of Amy Lincoln

Contributed by Jason Andrew / Amy Lincoln�s soaring trajectory has locked in the natural world, the phenomena within it, and the epic world of myth. Ten new paintings now on view at Sperone Westwater embrace these pervasive elements while exploring a bold new theatrical space.

Gallery shows

Catherine Howe: Sly virtuosity

Contributed by Sharon Butler /�Calling Catherine Howe�s whirling, monochromic flower paintings �the pleasure garden� is archly ironic, like calling de Kooning�s early paintings �women.� Although her canvases�outwardly do describe floral forms, their deeper meaning lies in the large, threatening scale, the aggressively fluid use of materials, and the evident physical�energy […]

Solo Shows

EJ Hauser: Innocence and wonder

Contributed by Sharon Butler / In her new painting exhibition �Barn Spirits� at Derek Eller, Brooklyn-based artist EJ Hauser features ungainly, diagram-like landscapes with flat, unmodulated color generated by way of a layered process that conjures screen-printing or crayon drawing. The new imagery, presentational rather than transformative, expands the substantially […]