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Group Shows

Savoring medium-rare painting at Subtitled NYC

Contributed by Zach Seeger / The group exhibit “Medium Rare” – on display at Subtitled NYC, a second-floor Greenpoint gallery with a skylight – features paintings by Amanda Ba, Jacob Patrick Brooks, Marcus Civin, Sam Cockrell, Kevin Ford, Annette Hur, and Kate Liebman. It was curated – or rather, prompted – by Jaejoon Jang, who instructed the artists to select examples of what they considered unfinished work. Without knowledge of this specification, it would be difficult for a viewer to consider the pieces unfinished. The overarching cohesiveness of the show makes each one seem resolved. In light of Jang’s command, though, they can also be seen as hovering just outside of the artists’ respective oeuvres, meeting only some of their criteria for finished work.


Studio visit with Lucia Hierro

Contributed by Kate Liebman / On Valentine�s Day I visited Lucia Hierro in her studio in the Bronx�where she�has�been working for more than two years. Nearby, a�group�of former factory buildings are in the process of being converted into artist studios and lofts. Born and raised in New York City, Lucia […]


Studio visit with Kate Liebman

Contributed by Debbi Kenote / �I see myself as a figure painter,� �Kate Liebman�tells me�as I sit in her Bushwick studio, where the floor is covered with dirty paint tubes and reckless spatter. She walks�me through her process and�sources, touching on topics like�distance, viewer insight, and political responsibility.�One of the�sources�for […]


Nicole Wittenberg’s big yellow painting

Contributed by Kate Liebman / Nicole Wittenberg�s second solo show,�”The Yellow Kiss,” is on view at the new LES gallery yours mine & ours through October 16. The exhibition features a single seven-foot painting that hangs on the gallery�s main floor. In the basement, like an excavation site, Wittenberg presents […]


IRL: The Study Room at the Metropolitan Museum

Contributed by Kate Liebman / The Metropolitan Museum�s Department of Drawings and Prints is celebrating its centennial this year, and has devoted a wall to �one masterpiece��per week through April 30, 2017. This week�s masterpiece was a portrait of a church man drawn by Jean Fouquet in the mid-15th century. […]