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Superabundant: Pattern power in UK

This is the final week for “Superabundant,” an exhibition at Turner Contemporary Project Space that declares itself a celebration of pattern power. Artists Jacob Dahlgren, Jim Drain, Richard Woods, Lesley Halliwell, Paul Moss, Henna Nadeem, Jacqueline Poncelet, Wim Delvoye and Daniel Sturgis all use pattern and decoration in very different […]


“Whether you like it or not, you�re a fool”

The press release for Joe Bradley’s show at CANADA declares that his new grease-pencil paintings “draw on the paradox between the modernist impulse towards a raw source of art in the ‘primitive’ and the seamless presentation of a resolved art object. The Schmagoo Paintings are comparable to both Jean Dubuffet’s […]


Delia Brown’s children

According to Brown the title of her new show at D’Amelio Terras, ‘Precious,’ refers to gendered attitudes toward painting. In art school during the late 80s, students were told not to be �precious,’ which was a way of saying that paintings had to be bold, muscular, unattached, unsentimental � in […]


Abstraction and the Holocaust

“Abstraction and the Holocaust,” by Mark Godfrey. Yale University Press, 2007. Mark Godfrey examines how American abstract artists reacted to the Holocaust. Reviewed by Ross Wilson in Frieze Magazine. “If Godfrey�s book is a history, it is an importantly revisionist one, extending and modifying the understanding of �abstraction� with which […]