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Art and Film: 2019 Top Ten

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / It�s been a fine year for movies, their demise due to streaming having been greatly exaggerated notwithstanding awkward episodes like the theatrical release of Netflix-backed The Irishman. Here is my inexorably subjective and eminently debatable list of the Top Ten dramatic films of 2019. The Irishman. […]

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Art and Film: Merchants of nostalgia

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / If bad times increase the demand for nostalgia, the current bull market is going to persist for at least another year. But Donald Trump, the ultimate stimulus for that demand, is himself a product of a certain toxic brand of nostalgia � one for a […]

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Art and Film: Mark Asch�s New York

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Rivaled only by Los Angeles among cities celebrated in American cinema, New York deserves its own pointedly knowing and satisfyingly chunky essay on films set there. Now the city has one, in the form of Mark Asch�s New York Movies, the latest volume in Little […]

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Art and Film: Argentina�s haunting precedent

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Argentina�s decade-long �dirty war� (1974�83) during which a right-wing military junta �disappeared� about 30,000 left-wing dissidents � that is, executed them without acknowledgement of their deaths � ended over 35 years ago. Yet Argentina�s outstanding contemporary filmmakers continue to revisit the dirty war. In 2009, […]

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Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Swiss-American photographer and filmmaker Robert Frank is now 94, which means he has been in the midst what he calls a natural disaster old age for at least fifteen years. Yet when he was 80, as Gerald Fox trailed him for Foxs 2005 documentary Leaving […]

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Art and Film: Joanna Hogg�s sublime deliberation

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / In the autobiographical film The Souvenir, writer-director Joanna Hogg�s fourth and latest feature and a gemlike crystallization of her seamless method, she uses Jean-Honor� Franogard�s eighteenth-century canvas of the same title to set the terms of the budding relationship between Julie, the film�s ingenuous protagonist, […]

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Gestures of grace: Carol Saft at Lesley Heller

Contributed by Julia Couzens / Carol Saft�s plainspoken exhibition, “Fallen Men,“ in the project space at Lesley Heller, is a suite of small-scaled, wall-based bronze figures engaged in gestures of vulnerability and support.  They call to mind the bronze sculpture of Bauhaus artist Gerhard Marcks and share his ethic of directness and material […]

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Art and Film: The lives of artists

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck�s film Never Look Away concerns a German painter named Kurt Barnert (the charismatic Tom Schilling), but it is an unabashed interpretation of Gerhard Richter�s life. Its style is seductively elegant and its script at once discursive and oblique � qualities that […]