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Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide: Summer 2020

Does time exist if there aren�t activities and events to fill it up? According to Aristotle and other philosophers, no. Time is inexorably connected to the things embedded in it. While in Covid-19 lockdown, time passed surprisingly quickly. I learned to keep a schedule and relish, really to look forward […]

Artist's Notebook

What good is abstract painting now?

Contributed by Laurie Fendrich / Without any bombs exploding or even a single shot fired, the world we knew before COVID has gone poof. Sure, buildings are intact; trees, grass and flowers still grow; the sky is blue; people walk on streets and drive cars. What’s disappeared, for who knows […]

Artist's Notebook

Quick study: The quiet city

Contributed by Sharon Butler / How’s everyone doing out there? The streets of New York have calmed down in the past few weeks, with far fewer sirens, although the neighbors still hang out the windows to make a racket at 7pm, celebrating the quietly heroic medical personnel and other essential […]