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Angela Dufresne: Immediately from life

Angela Dufresne’s work is included in “Get up off our Knees” at Monya Rowe through June 7th, and presented in a solo show, “Twilight of Mice and Men,” at the Kinkead Contemporary in Los Angeles. In the Huffington Post Kimberly Brooks features Dufresne in her weekly “First Person Artist” column. […]


Small work: Fab Fair four

The Armory Show, Pulse and Red Dot had plenty of painting to look at this year, but here are four artists whose work called out to me despite the modest, don’t-look-at-me size.Moyna Flannigan at Doggerfisher, Edinburgh. Last year in The Guardian Flannigan�s work was compared to 18th-century social satirists like […]


Varnishing truth in LA

“Imitation of Life,” Kinkead Contemporary, Culver City, CA. January 12- February 9. “Imitation of Life” presents the work inspired and influenced by cinema. More specifically, their work deals with cinema of the past, which examines both the history of film and a context within which to observe the present. The […]