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Artist Statement of the Day: Jock Ireland

Jock Ireland, Teresa, 1993, oil on masonite, 60 x 40 inches

“I don�t like writing artist�s statements. I really don�t know what to say. I�m not even sure at this point what I�ll be showing.

Some heads�maybe. I guess I try to get some �form’ into my heads�at least I�m less suspicious of form than I am of formlessness. Maybe ‘character’ too�but whose character? I don�t think I have any special insight into the �characters’ whose heads I�m sculpting. To what extent does my character get into these heads? Who am I? I sure don�t know.

Am I a realist? Or a copyist? A copyist trying to be a stylist? It is kind of fun asking these questions. I�m OK thinking of myself as an art student, but then I think some more.

I have a friend, Sally, who was a professional dancer for most of her life and also taught dance � but her knees now don�t work the way they used to. She takes ballroom dance classes at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio West Side [sic] in NYC. In 2011 she was given a gift of introductory lessons there, a place she�d walked past almost without noticing for years. I get to see her dance for 2 or 3 minutes at the annual recitals Fred Astaire puts on. She�s amazing�and gets more amazing every year. She also writes about her experience at Fred Astaire�about who she is, what she thinks. Her teachers tell her she thinks too much, but she won�t stop thinking. Two recent essays are ‘Taking the backward step,’ and �”You can only follow my body.”‘ Suggestive/mysterious titles. In many ways, I follow�or try to follow�Sally�s lead.

I can�t thank John Davis enough for showing my work..”

           � Jock Ireland, 2018

Jock Ireland: “Student� Work,John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NY. September 15 through October 7, 2018. Other solo exhibitions on view: Len Bellinger, Lizbeth Mitty, Arnold Mesches, Daniel John Gadd

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