Bertholf, Heilman, Hornung, Reitzfeld in Hudson

In his Hudson, NY, gallery, John Davis had a good group of painters through last week. If I’d been more on top of things, I would have posted this sooner. Here are some images.
Philip Douglas Heilman likes to invent things that he�s never seen before…to paint what lays behind or before him in life. �Academic statements make me suspicious,� he said.Chris Bertholf fell in love with the landscape and the trees of the Hudson River valley. He works in his sketchbook from nature and then reworks the sketches into watercolors and, later, into oil paintings. Lucy Reitzfeld introduced a series of small oil paintings devoted to observations from windows of her SoHo loft. David Hornung’s paintings retained his longstanding iconography, i.e., rude structures, garden architecture, tools, flora, fauna and other objects that refer to a rural existence.

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