Farrell Brickhouse: A collection of palette pics

Farrell Brickhouse has a photo album on Facebook comprising images of his friends’ palettes. Lurking within each palette is the roadmap to the painter’s process. Many thanks to Farrell for letting me post the images on Two Coats of Paint. If you aren’t familiar with the artists’ paintings, click on their names for links to their work, all of which is worth a visit.

Kathrine Bradford‘s palette

Farrell Brickhouse’s brushes

Francis Bacon
(OK, this image is mine–snapped at the Bacon retrospective at the Met)


  1. Wonderful!
    Thanks Sharon, and Farrell!

  2. I think I'm more in the Bradford model.

  3. Anal retentive vs shitstorm mess, that's the beauty of the "dirty work".

  4. I think the patience required to keep colors that separate is incredible. I'm more the Bacon model.

  5. It's when you start using old bucket lids for palettes, like Bradford (in pic) that you know you're getting somewhere!

  6. I think this joint effort of everyone contributing their palettes and studio photos to Farrell's Facebook project, is so interesting, and ground breaking. Does anyone think that they should/could be exhibited as photo in the real world, or that Facebook gives 'power to the artists' breaking down the traditional gallery politics, and that Facebook and blogs are really the most apporpriate way to exhibit this work. – Amy Bassin

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