For every abstract reference to migration, human beings are involved

Migration: La Diaspora,” curated by Jack Rasmussen. Mexican Cultural Institute, Washington, DC. Through Feb. 2.

Michael O’Sullivan reports in the Washington Post. “In a nutshell, it’s that the issue of migration is not just political, but personal. For every map, for every fragment of a national flag, for every abstract reference to geography, there’s a human being involved….In the end, what ties the art in ‘Migration,’ though, is a shared sensibility. It’s one underscored by the recurrence of the figure, by the slight but significant edge of the personal over the political. ‘Migration’ is not about the places people come from, but the people who come from them. At once faceless and universal, they remind viewers that this nation has always been a haven for folks from someplace else.” Read more.

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