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Solo Shows

Alice Tippit: Other beautiful things

Contributed by Jenny Zoe Casey / The title of Alice Tippit’s show at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, “Surely Any S is Welcome,” refers to a note Gertrude Stein left in the margins of a first-edition copy of Tender Buttons. Like Stein, Tippit thinks deeply about language and enjoys juxtaposition.

Group Shows

As long as you want, at My Pet Ram

Contributed by Jenny Zoe Casey / The two-person exhibition “as long as you want,” featuring work by Julia Blume and Heather Drayzen, on view at My Pet Ram on the Lower East Side, is perceptively based on the referenced fragment of poetry written by Sappho over two-and-a-half millennia ago as a reminder of love, endurance and adaptation, and complemented by a slyly kindred show of drawings. Work by Joshua Drayzen is also on view.

Gallery shows

Past, present, and future: The complementary visions of Jodi Hays and Michi Meko

Contributed by Jenny Zoe Casey / In a fascinating and inspired pairing, “The Burden of Wait” at Susan Inglett brings together painters Michi Meko and Jodi Hays and explores the different ways in which inhabitants of a particular region – here the American South – can experience it. Landscape is an important influence for both artists, but their approaches are mostly in opposition.

Gallery shows

Letter from the Midwest: Fine value at The Bank

Contributed by Jenny Zoe Casey / I recently set out on a five-hour solo road trip from Chicago to Newark, Ohio, to see “Material Investment,” a group show opening at The Bank. I anticipated a first-rate exhibition and was not disappointed. Curated by Leslie Roberts, the show features eleven artists: Lisha Bai, Sean Desiree, Tracey Goodman, Ruth Jeyaveeran, Amanda Love, Alex Paik, Alisa Sikelianos-Carter, Vadis Turner, Kevin Umaña, Mandy Cano Villalobos, and Jeff Wallace. As Roberts notes in her curatorial statement, the artists in this show are “dedicated to particular materials, and each artist intently subverts or stretches those materials’ properties and typical forms.”


EMAIL: Jenny Zoe Casey on the closing of MAPP

Dear Sharon, This summer, after 23 years, MAPP International Productions�closed its doors.�The same week it closed,�the New York Times noted a trend in small and mid-sized gallery closures, and for me, this concordance raises a specter of diminishing opportunities. I followed MAPP�s projects for years, and I�feel a terrible sense […]