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Here are a few recent links from the Two Coats Twitter Feed.
For readers unfamiliar with Twitter, “RT” indicates the item has been
repeated, or “retweeted,” from someone else’s Twitter feed.

Doesn’t this sculpture look sort of like a Joshua Abelow character?

Chelsea block party on a Tuesday night in July w food trucks and a DJ

Stefan Wieland, KUBIST WERDEN HEILBAR SEIN, 2011, 104 x 87 cm, Acrylglas, Lack, Vinylfarbe, Acrylfarbe, Spr�hlack auf Leinen und Sackleinen

Check out Stefan Wieland

Amusing 1994 video of Gillian Wearing dancing in the mall

One of my favorite websites: #stalking

Storm King tomorrow!

EXCELLENT!! RT: Hey y’all. I’m the new art editor at The L Magazine. Deets here:

RT @culturegrrl How do you make online art journalism profitable? Time runs out for Walter Robinson’s widely read Artnet Magazine.

RT@joygarnett  Good-Bye to All That: Artnet, 1996-2012
Charlie Finch calls art critic Dave Hickey a “bulbous phony” (c. 2009)

Charlie Finch chewed out painters in 2010

Agree completely, esp. re Charlie Finch / RT : A few thoughts on

The Strolling -Down-Memory-Lane Department: Charlie Finch on art blogs in 2007 (or so)

So does Charlie Finch end up or ?

No more ??!

POTUS took Michelle to the Chicago Art Institute on their first date. #heartthrob


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