Artists Space busted by jargon police

David Everitt Howe complains in The Village Voice that Artists Space is suffering from excessive, overwrought verbiage. “Curator Jeffrey Uslip splashes in puddles of academicism�his sprawling statement for the group exhibition ‘Nina in Position’ finger-paints with rhetoric like ‘legibility of lack,’ ‘post-sculpturalism,’ and ‘Left Melancholia.’ Gag. It’s like bingeing on all 122 volumes of the journal October and then purging them on Artists Space marketing material. He should stop talking and continue doing�because while much of the work is individually unexceptional, as a whole the show beautifully interrogates cultural and environmental indifference and its obvious consequences. More akin to an elegy than a diatribe, the exhibition unravels with a hushed post-post-minimalist aesthetic, heavy with the specters of Andres Serrano, Anish Kapoor, and Glenn Ligon, among others.” Read more.

“Nina in Position,” curated by Jeffrey Uslip. Artists Space, New York, NY. Through March 9. Artists include Kelly Barrie, Justin Beal, Huma Bhaba, Anya Gallaccio, Wade Guyton, Barkley Hendricks, Roni Horn, Igloolik Isuma Productions, Mary Kelly, Charles Long, Michelle Lopez, Andrew Lord, Robert Mapplethorpe, Daniel Joseph Martinez, Jack Pierson, Michael Queenland, Marco Rios, Amanda Ross-Ho, Julia Scher, Haim Steinbach, Lisa Tan, Josh Tonsfeldt.

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