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Trying to say what it means to be human

“Timothy Hawkesworth,” Redbrick Studios, Beverly, MA. Through Nov. 2. �I paint the experience of being in a landscape, painting your body�s response,� Timothy Hawkesworth says. �To me that�s the power of landscape, to open us up to experience.� Read more. Note: This is TCOP’s official Blog Action Day Post. “The […]


Gladys Buchs retrospective in Beverly

“Gladys Buchs: A Retrospective,” curated by Tina Buchs. Redbrick Beverly, Beverly, MA. Through Sept. 9. In the Boston Globe, Cate McQuaid reminds us of lifelong painter Gladys Buchs: “Chances are you haven’t heard of Gladys Buchs. At her artistic height, she exhibited alongside Morris Louis and Kenneth Noland in the […]