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NY Times Art in Review: Verne Dawson, Karl Haendel

“Verne Dawson,” Gavin Brown�s Enterprise, New York, NY. Through June 20. Ken Johnson reports: A popular strain of contemporary painting combines goofy, juvenile imagery � pirates, exotic animals, fairy-tale characters � with lush, sophisticated painting. Judith Linhares and Dana Schutz are good examples. Verne Dawson is another. In addition to […]


Holland Cotter says weird can be cool but….

Gavin Brown Enterprise and Maccarone released an interesting curatorial statement for their star-studded joint group show, “Pretty Ugly.” “When you wake up in the morning, walk into the bathroom, and look at yourself in the mirror-raising the toothbrush to your stinking mouth-do you feel pretty or ugly? Dried drool in […]


“Elizabeth Peyton can really paint”

In Time Out New York T.J. Carlin writes that to paint people is to watch them grow old on an infinitesimally small scale of time, and that sitting for an artist makes the subject incredibly vulnerable. “That is the truth of portraiture and the reason why I�ve been disinclined to […]