Kate Bright’s silent winters in Philadelphia

London-based painter Kate Bright presents eight new paintings which, like her previous work, depict snow-laden trees. The tightly cropped images of the freshly-fallen snow are painted from both memory and photographs. In The Philadelphia Inquirer Edith Newall reports that the scenes, which are covered in glitter to create the effect of twinkling snow, will remind Philadelphians of their own backyards. “The glitter also gives her wintry forests a sweet, sentimental quality: Sugar-coated confections and old-fashioned Christmas cards, advent calendars and tree ornaments come to mind. Bright’s paintings would be nice to fall into, even the one showing a distant squall. They conjure a fairy tale’s darkness behind the prettiness, too: You might get lost or fall asleep in her alluring, silent wilderness. Or, more ominously, these images may represent the winters of the past.” Read more.

Kate Bright: Between the Woods,” Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. Through May 30.

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