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NYC Selected Gallery Guide: November, 2022

First things first. If we don’t all get out and vote on November 8, and Lee Zeldin beats Kathy Hochul in what is now a close governor’s race, sensible gun laws and abortion rights would be at risk. Once you’ve minimized that risk, even if you yourself have a couple of exhibitions coming up, resist the solipsistic urge to hole up in the studio. Get out and see some shows. In Bushwick, Astrid Dick and Erika Ranee are in a two-person show at M. David & Co. that looks well worth a trip on the L train. Delphine Hennelly has a solo opening at nearby Carvahlo Park on November 12. In Tribeca, at Canada, look for Xylor Jane’s exploration of prime palindromes — numbers that read the same forward…