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Sculptural objects around town

Hawkins Bolden, “Scarecrow” series. Through February 14 at Shrine (Lower East Side)

Contributed by Sharon Butler / The return of the sculptural object that was highlighted so beautifully in “Greater New York” at MoMA PS1 continues this month in many of the galleries. Some pieces are freestanding, others wall-mounted, and most refer to the sculptural tradition (rather than painting) for meaning. Even Frank Stella, whose tightly-hung solo is on view at the Whitney through Sunday, seems ultimately to have realized that he is more drawn to sculptural form than to painting. With his massive unpainted sculptures, what you see is really what you see.

Mike Ballou through February 7 at Pierogi (Williamsburg)
Zach Seeger in “Fatherhood,” curated by Christopher Ho and Nate Rayman through February 5 at This Friday or Next Friday (DUMBO)
Ektor Garcia through February 21 at Sargent’s Daughters (Lower East Side) 
 Cris Gianakos through February 20 at Minus Space (DUMBO)
Stewart Uoo through February 14 at 47 Canal (Lower East Side)
Cris Gianakos through February 20 at Minus Space (Dumbo)
Liz Glynn in “In Place of” through February 21 at Miguel Abreu (Lower East Side)
Rochelle Goldberg in “In Place of” through February 21 at Miguel Abreu (Lower East Side)
Dennis Hollingsworth through February 6 at  Hionas (Lower East Side)

Jacob Kassay through February 14 at Lisa Cooley (Lower East Side)
 Jeff Schwartz through February 6 at Outlet Fine Art (Bushwick)
 Tom Butter through January 31 at Studio 10 (Bushwick)

Installation view of “Frank Stella: A Retrospective” through February 7 at the Whitney Museum (West Village)


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  1. Great shot of the Stella sculptures; they look way better here than they do in real life. (In person, most of them are very kitschy.)

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