Recommended: “Introductions 2016” at Trestle

When viewing big group shows of unfamiliar artists, I always find something to like. But at �Introductions 2016,� an exhibition of fifty artists at Trestle Projects, I liked nearly everything. Apparently guest curator Jim Osman, a gifted artist a well as director of the Foundations Program at The New School, and I have a similar aesthetic. For both of us, materials carry meaning. In addition to appreciating their quirky uses, Osman likes a little humor, odd sculptural objects, and enigmatic, thoughtfully-crafted paintings and photographs.

[Image at top: Julia Staples, from the series You’ve Gotta Play It To Win, 2015, photograph.]

The show is full of intriguing work, so singling out individual pieces would be difficult and, indeed, unnecessary. Basically, it�s all good. I strongly recommend a trip to Gowanus. I predict we’ll be seeing a lot more from the artists in this agreeable group in the next few years.

Tariku Shiferaw, Space X, 2015

In foreground: Dolores Furtado, Terrain, 2015

Nadine Beauharnois, Struggle, 2014

Rachel Youens, Cantilever, 2013
 Andrew Hendrixson, Wasteland, 2015

Introductions 2016,” curated by Jim Osman. Trestle projects, Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY. Through February 12, 2016.  Participating artists: Ekaterina Aksenova, Paolo Arao, Nadine Beauharnois, George Belcher, Davis Birks, Tyler Bohm, Tegan Brozyna, Caedron Burchfield, Jordan Buschur, Spencer Carmona, Amy Chan, Atsuko Chirikjian, Teresa Christiansen, Lily Colman, Lizzy Cross, David Dumo, Les Fletcher ,Dolores Futado, Nancy Glover, Abby Goldstein, Glen Goodenough, Sean Grandits, Inguna Gremzde, Andrew Hendrixson, Suzanne Kelser, Kharis Kennedy, Sophie Knight, Sharon Koelblinger, Lauren Krukowski, Phoenix Lindsey-Hall, Rachel Livedalen, Karen Mainenti, Kayla Mattes, Daina Mattis, Adel Maxwell, Spencer Merolla, John Harlan Norris, Patricia, Paludanus, James Parlin, Erin Raedeke, Mary Rapp, Andra Samelson, Ryota Sato, Sally Schluter-Tardella, Tariku Shiferaw, Katie Shima, Julia Staples, Jocelyn Toffic, Ann Waddell, Jennifer Watson, Rachel Youens, Kerim Zapsu.

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  1. Playful looking show!

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