Link list: Artists to follow on Instagram, Part 2

This is the second part of a three-part post on artists who use Instagram. As I said in Part I, my favorite artists to follow are those who post regularly
and whose feeds include more than images of their art work. These artists are communicating with one another, not potential dealers and collectors. Photos of
other artists’ exhibitions, amusing pictures from daily life (the day
job!), documentation of studio progress (and failure), and vacation
snaps all reveal what goes on inside an artist’s head–how he/she sees
the world–and it’s a fascinating place.

[Image at top: Follow Trudy Benson on Instagram, http://instagram.com/trudybenson]

http://instagram.com/naylandblake (self portrait 1985 #tbt)

http://instagram.com/arleneshechet (Tray Meal #yummy #oldenburg 1962 #harvardmuseums #pop+coritakent)


http://instagram.com/peterhalley (Only posts images from Googlemaps!)


http://instagram.com/season.cz (Robert Yoder) Charlotte Posenenske, Square Tubes (Series D) 1967, galvinized steel.



  1. http://instagram.com/cal_venn
  2. http://instagram.com/ericbrownstudio
  3. http://instagram.com/ricbriggs
  4. http://instagram.com/missannavaldez
  5. http://instagram.com/andreabergart
  6. http://instagram.com/maxrazdow
  7. http://instagram.com/rubensghenov
  8. http://instagram.com/clarityhaines
  9. http://instagram.com/walterrobinsonstudio
  10. http://instagram.com/dylanneuwirth
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  1. There is an artist I follow that does watercolors and illustration. @Artistic_Tyrant

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