Mark Dagley: One Man Punk Band

By Nick Stolle

Walking into Mark Dagley�s “Structural Solutions” at Minus Space  is like accidentally wandering into the middle of a peculiar standoff. Three strong, distinct energies surround you, pushing and pulling, bandying you about.

To your right a hulking, sharp figure, smartly outfitted in what Niele Toroni might refer to as a Red red and a Black black, towers above you. It just fits into the space, a few inches shy of scraping the ceiling. Almost intimidating.

You bounce a few degrees to your right and are softly buffeted around for a while by a big, long grid. A double stripe of off-white separates squares of color, not many of which, if any, are exactly the same hue. The particular dime-store paperback shade of the off-white calls to mind a plaid. A big gaudy handbag or window dressing backdrop pulled out of a department store basement. You feel a little dusty inside, melancholic.

Another pivot puts on offer the most sympathetic, approachable of the three. A mediator, maybe. A shallow rectangle of long, cool blue and yellow diagonal stripes with crisp, meaty L�s incised vertically. Smart and funny, not hard to look at. You could hug the thing.

Mark Dagley, Structural Solutions. Left to right; Lucifer (134 x 115 inches), The Mackintosh Variations (104 x 120 inches), and Janet’s Dilemma (75 x 156 inches). All work 2012. Image courtesy of Minus Space.
Further (!) Dig this clip of Dagley�s (and George Condo�s) punk band The Girls making it up as they went in 1978.

Mark Dagley: Structural Solutions,” Minus Space, DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY. Through October 27, 2012. Concurrent with his exhibition at MINUS SPACE, Dagley is also presenting a comprehensive survey “Mark Dagley: 35 Years, 1976-2011” at Kent Place Gallery, Summit, New Jersey. September 10 � October 5, 2012.
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