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The Dog Report: Sunday in Bushwick

 Fiona makes friends with the famous Fern at Norte Maar //


 Ernie is intrigued by Peter Caine’s anamatronic platypus at AIRPLANE


Maanik Singh Chauhan at AIRPLANE

 Gily Levy at AIRPLANE


 Only the leashes keep them from friending Angelina Gualdoni‘s tiny baby at Regina Rex. (Note to Angelina: Check out The M Word: Real Mothers in Contemporary Art, edited by Myrel Chernick and Jennie Kleina, a 2011 anthology about art and motherhood. Recently arrived in my mailbox, The M Word looks like a good read and a terrific resource.) //

 Nancy Haynes at Regina Rex (Great show! Woof and wag.)
 EJ Hauser at Regina Rex
 Sarah Peters at Regina Rex
 Studio dogs at heart, they make themselves at home among the paintings in Tatiana Berg‘s studio. //


 Clearly Ernie was smitten with Tatiana, who took this excellent picture.

 Sadly, being dichromatic, Ernie and Fiona didn’t realize how positively, excitingly shrill Brown’s color has become. They wondered where their pals Zeus and Troutman were hiding. //


 One of Brown’s quieter canvases.

 Deborah Brown

 Joining Stacy Johnson for lunch in her studio //
Don’t they look like they might be part of Ryan Estep’s installation at Curbs and Stoops?
 Jason Mones at Curbs and Stoops


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