How long does it take Brice Marden to make a painting?

In this 2009 conversation with Harry Cooper, curator at National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, that was recorded at Brice Marden’s (Manhattan) studio, Marden discusses drawing with sticks, being a guard at the Jewish Museum during Jasper Johns’s retrospective, his early marriage to Pauline Baez (Joan’s older sister), being Robert Rauschenberg’s assistant, his intuitive process, why the lines don’t go off the canvas, and more. At one point, Cooper asks Marden how long it takes to make a painting.

“How many hours are we talking?”

“Physically, it’s not a lot of painting time,” Marden replies. “It’s not hours and hours…well it is hours and hours but it’s not weeks and weeks…hours rather than weeks…because basically I work all the paintings at the same time.”

 “This is the first take. This probably takes about an hour.”


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  1. Thank you for posting this… it is a true "studio" visit, with Marden fidgeting a bit, but talking quite honestly about his process and influences. Thanks!

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