Sadcore: Robert Yoder at Frosch & Portmann

Robert Yoder’s new collages and paintings combined with found papers
have a downbeat quality inspired by the sadcore music he’s been
listening to lately. The title of his exhibition at Frosch &
Portmann, “Beautiful William,” is from a song by the The Handsome Family
about a man who goes missing under mysterious circumstances. The
texture of Yoder�s gorgeous small abstractions is thick and gooey, yet
strangely delicate. Upon close inspection, sexual and personal details
(which are impossible to see in my images of the work) like phalluses,
scars, and bruises emerge, creating an air of gloomy libido. And all
the found papers have a story, too.

  Rober Yoder, 2011, oil on panel with found papers, 14 x 14.5″
Robert Yoder, Untitled (The Kiss), oil on panel with found papers, 14 x 14.5″
Robert Yoder, Untitled (The Bride), oil on panel, wood, collage, 19 x 9″

NOTE: If you’re at the fairs in Miami in December, check out SEASON, a gallery Yoder started last year in Seattle. He’ll be showing a couple of my small paintings in his installation at the Aqua Fair along with work by some other really good artists.

Robert Yoder: Beautiful William,” Frosch & Portmann, New York, NY. Through December 23, 2011.

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  1. Roberts works are extraordinary. It is evident on his ideas and craftsmanship. Indeed the man is a genius. I'm a big fan of him.

  2. Sadcore, hmmm. I can still see glimpses of hope in the work. Thanks for the post.

  3. I really like the look of these – the placement of the scraps of paper beneath the canvases creates an intriguing interrelationship.

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