Press Release of the Day: I am not monogamous, I heart poetry

Scooter Laforge, “Wolf Spider with Cigar and 4 German Shepherds,” 2011, oil on canvas; 32 x 40�

 Bobbie Oliver, “Untitled,” 2009, acrylic on canvas,  60 x 72″

The eclectic group show at Feature, which is up through tomorrow, has plenty of interesting paintings and I particularly like the rambling press release. Click through the images on their website to see all the artists in the show.
from fall 05 to fall 06 i went to a shrink to help figure my way thru some anxiety i was experiencing. the two things from that shrinking that i continue to reflect upon are process resistance / outcome resistance and, from a long-winded rambling about my range of sexual interests, the amusing awareness of a parallel between that and my gallery�s exhibition program.

i love a particularly wide range of artists, it�s ever increasing. some i�ve been engaged with for many years, some are more recent loves. since i�m not physically able to represent all of them, this exhibition is an instance where i push most of my regulars aside and widen the discussion. opening up seems particularly relevant as the system has a way of shutting out the many in favor of the few.

while we move even further into this age of information, poetry becomes an increasingly important way to help create balance. the limitations of the brain are becoming clearer, intuition and feelings offer other ways to progress. let the body be the barometer.

I am not monogamous, I heart poetry,” Feature, New York, NY. Through August 5, 2011.


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