“Unapologetically carnal and verging on the grotesque”

Ion Birch, “Le Papillon,” 2010, graphite on paper, 25×22″

How can we not love the bawdy irreverence of summer group shows like “Romantic Agony,” which is on display at Horton Gallery through the end of the week. The title for this post comes from the press release, which earnestly calls the work “fleshly [sic] but never gratuitous.”  I’m not sure if I buy the idea that the artists, like the Romantics, are interested in depicting the sublime.

Jacques Louis Vidal, “My Special Parts,” 2011, MDF, aluminum, mason jars, barbershop droppings, condoms, pennies & Gowanus Canal water samples, 48x24x36�
Summer Wheat, “Scratchpad,” 2010, oil and acrylic on canvas, 72×96″

Romantic Agony,” artists include Ion Birch, Doron Langberg, Jacques Louis Vidal and Summer Wheat. Horton Gallery, New York, NY. Through June 18, 2011.

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