Update on the painting horse movement

 Buggs and Carol Jensen working at the easel in the barn, er, I mean studio.
Buggs’s paintings.

In the Journal Sentinel, Erin Richards reports that a 13-year-old quarter horse cross has learned to paint. “Buggs is a pioneer in the painting horse movement that has emerged in recent years, fueled by YouTube videos and the Internet, and part of a worldly contingent of ‘animal artists’ that includes everything from elephants and dogs to chimpanzees. Owner Carol Jensen, a multimedia artist, jewelry maker and musician who taught Buggs to paint two years ago, envisions filling a gallery with her horse’s paintings one day, or maybe taking his show on the road, exhibition-style. ‘I’m inspired by paintings I see, colorwise, and I think, ‘Oh, Buggs could do that,’?” Jensen said recently, while dressed in a white button-up smock and mixing paint on the ground next to Buggs’ open stall door. A few moments later she dabbed the brush in the paint, pointed the wooden handle at Buggs’ expectant mouth and instructed, “Up and down, up and down?.?.?.?”

“Jensen, 56, discovered Buggs’ aptitude for painting while looking for ways to keep the restless horse occupied during the winter months, when poor weather keeps him cooped up in his stall. She had heard about people teaching horses to paint and figured that Buggs, whose personality equates to that of a smart child who acts up when bored, seemed like a good prospect. In October 2008 she started training the chestnut gelding to hold a stick in his mouth and target the tip on a designated area.” Read more.



  1. at the atlanta zoo, there is a painting elephant.

  2. Perhaps we should have the Running of the Artists at Belmont.

  3. Oh boy.
    Now a horse gets more press than do. I quit!
    Just kidding : )
    Ride a painted pony.

  4. Very impressive. Reall nice works.

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