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Calling all Robert Mangold fans

Today the Times has a feature called “Modern Art Explained” in which they ask people to send an email note responding to an image of Robert Mangold’s painting, “X Within X.”

“What do you think of this painting?” the Times asks readers. “View it here or in person at Parasol Unit, London, where “X, Plus and Frame Paintings,” Mangold�s first solo exhibition in the UK, is on until May 8. Then send us an e-mail with your opinion to Please include your full name. We�re not looking for art historians or academics. Whatever your thoughts, we want to hear them. We will print a selection of your comments, alongside our expert�s verdict, in Times2 on Tuesday, March 17.”

Here are some of the readers’ comments so far:
“Looks like he ran out of orange paint and didn’t bother buying any more.” –R J, Perth, Australia

“Mangold offers a uniquely personal view of ‘art that gives you the opportunity to think without requiring judgment.'” —RD, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

“A boring architect’s plan, livened only by the nasty orange colour. The visual cue connecting it to a certain religion is unwelcome. Do people really pay good money for this rubbish?” —Raquel Azalea, Fort William, Scotland

Grrr. I find this whole exercise incredibly offensive.

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  1. Hasn’t NYC Painters been doing thios for a couple of years already?

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