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How to get attention: Give blogs the love

Here are some of the artists and bloggers who have recently confessed that they’re regular Two Coats of Paint readers.

I recently received a note from Carrie Elston, editor in chief of Mapcidy, that Two Coats of Paint is listed among Mapcidy’s top art blogs in NYC. According to their website, which has interactivity galore, Mapcidy is a “blog, hyperlocal guide, and social utility.” Elston, a 2003 Yale grad who’s currently a Hunter MFA student, and the other contributors certainly seem to be throwing their hearts into it. Go have a look and report back.

I also received a note from William Emm, the sales director at new UK online galleries Loveart and Exemplars. The sites feature a generous review of art blogs, which includes Two Coats of Paint as well as all the regular bloggers. Lovearts’ catchphrase is “Stunning Art, Beautifully Presented.” Exemplars slogan is “Quality. Original. Art.” I wish them all the best in this lousy deflating economy. If anyone has worked with these galleries, feel free to leave info about the experience in the Comments section.

Two Coats of Paint was included in “10 Blogs I Really Like,” which appeared a while back at The list was compiled by guest poster Renee Coates, who creates an original painting each week and posts it on her blog, 52 Pieces.

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  1. Sharing the blog love was easy… I really enjoy Two Coats of Paint! Thanks Sharon…

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