Zimmerman saws wood in Chelsea

For Andrew Zimmerman’s first solo show, he has cut wood panels into wavy strips with a jigsaw, and reassembled them to create an organic geometry. The pattern becomes exaggerated when the strips are reassembled, leaving varying widths between the strips and then gluing them to an underlying piece of wood. Drawing with the saw, Zimmerman creates the illusion of two-dimensional drawn lines, but in reality they are three-dimensional sculptural grooves. The inconsistencies and unplanned occurrences that happen when cutting freehand give the work, which is flatly painted with rich enamel, a human dimension. “The foundation of my work grows out of the rich history of modern painting, from Jean Arp to Frank Stella to Richard Tuttle.” Zimmerman says. “I’m interested in exploring the intersection of painting and sculpture, of art and design, of the handmade and the mass-produced.” Zimmerman’s humble intentions are evident in the work.

Andrew Zimmerman: Expansion Series,” Sears-Peyton Gallery, New York, NY. Through April 12.

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