Good vibrations: Peter Young paintings pulsate in P.S. 1 retrospective

�Peter Young: 1963-1977,” organized by Alanna Heiss and David Deutsch. P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island City, Queens, NY. Through Sept. 24. �Peter Young: Folded Mandalas & Oaxacan Paintings,� Mitchell Algus Gallery, Chelsea, NY. Through Aug. 17.

In the NYTimes, Roberta Smith reports: “By 1969 he was part of a generation that would tinker incessantly with paintings� fundamentals and had most of his ducks in a row for a big career. The high point was a two-man show with David Diao at the Leo Castelli Gallery. But when it opened, Mr. Young was on a four-month sojourn in Costa Rica, living among the Boruca Indians, painting on cloth stretched on four sticks tied at the corners. His marriage was over; he had an itch to travel; and his tolerance for the New York world was ebbing. (Upon his return from Costa Rica he retitled two paintings �Capitalist Masterpiece.�) He roamed about the American Southwest and spent several months in Spain and Morocco. By the time one of his dot paintings made the cover of Artforum in April 1971, he was gone for good. In 1972 he settled more or less permanently in Bisbee, Ariz., where he continues to live and work. He stopped painting when the war in Iraq began and involved himself more deeply in political causes….The P.S. 1 show reveals an artist who is alternately intellectual and blissed-out, meditative and exacting, who changed his work willfully and regularly. Continuity is provided by Mr. Young�s great gift for color and of course his preferred motif: the dot, that global staple of art. ” Read more.

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