Author: Two Coats Staff

Ideas about Painting

Unlimited: Painting and political upheaval

Contributed by Sharon Butler / During the 1960s, the world was rocked by massive political upheaval. In May 1968, two weeks of student riots in Paris blasted traditional approaches seemingly across the socio-political board, from government to gender roles to education. Civil rights and anti-war protests roiled the United States. Africa fitfully […]

Artist's Notebook

When do artists leave the country?

Contributed by Sharon Butler / On Wednesday, MarketWatch, a financial blog published by the Dow Jones company, ran a provocative piece suggesting that the time might be approaching for Americans to begin planning an exit strategy from Trumplandia. To cut to the chase, Brett Arends, one of their financial columnists […]


Images: Art and fresh air at Industry City Open Studios

Contributed by Katie Fuller /�Industry City’s official website calls itself�an “innovation ecosystem,” and from what I saw this weekend at the Open Studios, they aren’t kidding. Located in�Sunset Park, Brooklyn, Industry City seems to be an�artist’s utopia with perfectly sunlit studios, delicious food options, and an�environment�swelling with�creativity.�I think you can […]


Update: Ryan McLaughlin

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Last time I�saw a solo of Ryan McLaughlin’s endearing, small-scale�paintings was in 2013 at Laurel Gitlen, a painting-friendly LES gallery that closed a little over a year ago. His enigmatic�work, conjuring the dry, flat�surfaces of 1940s easel-size abstraction, incorporates�fragmented pieces of�text, code, and other symbols.�According […]

Open Studios Residencies

Images: DUMBO Open Studios

Contributed by Katie Fuller / Even though the weather this weekend wasn’t ideal, Dumbo Open Studios was well worth a visit. For readers who couldn’t make it, I’ve compiled a stack of images, featuring both work-in-progress and completed pieces. My collection, however, doesn�t even begin to cover all the participants, many of whom are established artists who […]

Museum Exhibitions

Marsden Hartley’s influences and ambition

Contributed by Sharon Butler / In the New York art community of the early 1900s, Marsden Hartley (born Lewiston, Maine 1877; died 1943 Ellsworth, Maine) found success elusive, and discovered, as almost all artists do, that developing a unique voice was a challenging proposition. He worked in New York, spent several […]


Scooter LaForge and the sporadic, subconscious mind

Contributed by Grant Wahlquist / Scooter LaForge is a painter who lives and works in New York City. His current exhibition at Theodore:Art, �Everything is Going to be OK,� features sculptures, works on canvas, and garments incorporating painting. I recently spoke with Scooter regarding the show, his artistic forebears, and […]


Rounding the corner: Joan Waltemath at Anita Rogers

Contributed by Sharon Butler / In �Fecund Algorithms,� a�solo�exhibition of new paintings and diminutive�sewn-canvas works, Joan Waltemath�diverts gently from the quiet perfection of her previous work�to embrace�small accidents and contingencies. On view at Anita Rogers’s new light-filled second-floor gallery in Soho,�Waltemath’s work looks exquisite in�the�elegantly appointed room, which boasts Greek�columns […]