Squeeze Hard (Hold That Thought)

Field trip to Seattle! Robert Yoder has invited me to participate in a two-person exhibition at SEASON with well known Seattle artist Allison Manch. My new paintings reference the monumental sculptures I discovered in the National Gallery’s Sculpture Garden while cruising around DC this winter. Titans like Tony Smith, David Smith, Alexander
Calder, and Claus Oldenberg figure prominently in the new series. On the strength of Manch’s work and reputation, the show was selected as a Seattle Critic’s Pick by Suzanne Beal of art, ltd.

Although I won’t be at the opening reception tomorrow, I’ll be out there April 18 through 21, and look forward participating in a discussion about DIY arts writing at Cornish College of the Arts on Friday, April 20, at noon. The talk was organized Cable Griffith and includes artist-writers D.W. Burnam, Amanda Manitach, Matthew Offenbacher and Emily Pothas.

And: SEASON publishes a terrific series of zine-like catalogs. For our show, artist-blogger-radio host Eva Lake has  penned the essay. Lake has a solo exhibition of collages opening at Frosch & Portmann on April 19, 2012, and it looks like she’s been thinking about monumental sculpture, too.

Here’s Robert’s press release:


Sharon Butler, Moondog, 2012, pigment, binder and graphite on raw canvas, overall dimensions 72 x 84 inches.

Sharon Butler�s paintings revolve around the idea of lessness
For her, the challenge has become to produce ambitious works on a small
scale.  Looking to a previous generation of artist that flourished with
a career of large- and ultra-large scale work�Smithson, Steir,
DiSuvero�Sharon positions her paintings into a situation where there is
no luxury of thinking grand.  The magnanimity of her work comes from the
acknowledgment of her liberated ego…This is her first west coast show and SEASON is honored to
bring her paintings to Seattle.

Allison Manch, Cave Creek, 2011, hand embroidery and acrylic on cotton with ink and natural dyes, 29 x 24.5 inches.

Allison Manch also creates within the arena of less.  Her delicately
embroidered drawings contradict her harsh and often desolate settings. 
Her American West is filled with survivalists, loners and introverts
portrayed as men of great ambition and great isolation.  Allison treats
their accessories and clothing as if these signifiers could somehow save
them from their surroundings.  Her characters stand resolute and proud,
even when lost and misunderstood.  Allison was born in Phoenix, Arizona
and much of her work refers to her childhood home.  She studied at the
University of Hawaii and received her BFA from Arizona State
University.  In 2004 she received her MFA from the University of
Washington, Seattle; where she currently lives.  SEASON is honored to
present this new body of work.

UPDATE: Read Amanda Manitach’s thoughtful review of the exhibition in City Arts.

SQEEZE HARD (Hold That Thought): Sharon Butler and Allison Manch,” SEASON, Seattle, WA. Through June 30, 2012.


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  1. we are so looking forward to your visit here in Seattle, Sharon!

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