The thoughts and scrawls we leave behind

In Bushwick, artist and Italian literature Ph.D Paul D’Agostino organizes projects in his apartment that usually involve selected artists’ interpretations of obscure reading materials. His charming curatorial statements (and email blasts) are like a gentleman’s correspondence from the 1800s (or even earlier). Here is the text for his current show, “Dissolution, or Resolutions:

A simposio exhibit (for all and sundry)

As 2011 dwindles down and away, and as
2012 waits with prophesied tumult at bay,
we at Centotto invite all of you
to compose a simposio
ode thereto.

Well, not really. More simply, while simposio exhibits are typically born of a text and generate a new one, the textual components of this show will work a bit differently. That is, the initiatory text will arrive in your mind � as a thought or two about 2011, or as resolutions or predictions for 2012 � and the show’s ultimate text will be the thoughts and scrawls you leave behind. A large scroll will be present to accommodate your musings on whether you found 2011 to be particularly dyspeptic � politically, climatically or seismically, for example � and on whether you think 2012 will really bring about The Great Belch (or whatever you want to call it).

The scroll will be furled up post-closing, and we’ll call the group-thunk simposio done.
Then we’ll stow it away somewhere for probing inquirers to come.

Clearly (or not), the primary visual tenor of the show will be conveyed via artworks loosely or resolutely related to ideas of dissolution or resolution.

The show, which features plenty of small, scrappy paintings, is up through Sunday, and features work by Steve Harding, Mila Dau,
Paul Gagner, Julie Torres, Layton Hower, Vilaykorn Sayaphet and Carmen von K. Stop by the closing party on Friday night, add your thoughts to the scroll, and sign up to receive Centotto’s excellent email announcements.

Here are some installation images I took when I stopped by on New Year’s Day.

Paul Gagner
Layton Hower
Steve Harding (on back wall)

Julie Torres and Carmen von K

And isn’t that Austin Thomas surveying the goods left around the dumpster outside Centotto’s building…?

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  1. sounds more like a pretentious load of bull sh+t to me. . . how on earth can you find such blabbering waffle 'charming' . . . PHD's seemingly very often have to talk in non-sensical hyperbole (especially in the arts) which only serves to make them look pompous and elitist. Probably because they feel superior, since theyre a "doctor" (lolz).

    some clear, concise & to the point communication would be really nice

    -just saying

  2. I love how these types of comments are always Anonymous. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, and I too appreciate clear, concise communication. So let's be clear and to the point by posting our names, and standing behind what we write. Just saying.

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